Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Credit Loans For Tenants

Bad Credit Loans For Tenants
By Larry C Kearney

Generally speaking, bad credit loans for tenants are funding programs that were designed for individuals that have less than perfect credit and are not homeowners. More people are having problems with there credit rating due to the complicated terms and high interest rates of most banks and lenders.

I am not trying to say that people that are renters always have bad credit. It is just that lenders feel that individuals that own a home are more stable when it comes to making their payments on time. If you have good credit, most banks or lenders will overlook the fact that you are a renter.

Bad credit loans for tenants can be located online, but you must do your homework to get the lowest possible rates. Many lenders will take advantage of you because they believe that you need the cash as quickly as possible.

If you have less than perfect credit, you will need to take some time to learn what types of lenders you should look for. But first you need to understand the different types of lenders and their programs. If you have less than perfect credit, stay away from all banks or credit unions. These types of lenders are only interested in low risk individuals that have good credit. Good credit normally means that you have at lease one major credit card that you have had for over 12 months with no more than one late payment over that time period.

A lot of people say that there credit is not that bad. Any negative items on your credit report can cause you to get turned down by most banks. Some of the items that would get you turned down immediately is any unpaid closed accounts, judgments, late payments, accounts in collections or no credit history. If you have any of the above on your report, you will need to apply with companies that offer loans to individuals that have poor credit.

One of the best ways to get started is to order a copy of your report. This is a good idea even if you already know that you have negative items on your report.

You can order a free report directly from one of the reporting agencies or from one of the online companies that will give you 3 reports for free. If you go directly to a major reporting agency you will need to confirm some of the information that is in your history before they will send you a copy of your report. In some cases they will not send you a report because you cannot confirm the information that they have requested. If this happens, you will have to call them directly to find out what they would need to release your records. You can contact any of the major reporting agencies by getting their telephone number from their website.

Once you have a copy of your report you can make the best decisions before applying for a loan. If you have less than perfect credit, you should only apply with companies that offer alternative lending programs. The best place to locate these types of firms is to go online. Don't waste your time by applying to a bank because if your rating is poor, they will turn you down every time. Getting turned down by a bank will make your rating worst than it was before.

Only apply to lenders that offer bad credit loans or alternative financing programs. This information should be clearly stated on their website. If it is not there, move on to the next website.

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E. Roberts said...

it is best to make a research first on which type of loan you should get. Although, there are some good like personal loans for bad credit which is best for people with bad credit history,

advice bankruptcy said...

A bad credit loan is very helpful. Lenders are now offering loans specifically designed for tenants i.e. people who are not the property holder without taking any of tenants' assets as security against loan offered. These loans are called unsecured loans for tenants.

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